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Monday 13 August 2012

Van Persie Threw His Shirt To The Fans After The FC Koln Game. What Did They Do With It?

"How do I combine this crop of beauties"
I doubt if FC Koln would have pushed for this friendly as part of the deal that brought Podolski to Arsenal if they had looked into a crystal ball and seen the result of yesterday's game.To be beaten 4 nil in your own backyard with your fans watching isn't a thing one will willingly put one's signature on if one can help it but of course there were financial benefits to having Arsenal FC play in their stadium and it was just a friendly after all.

Saturday 14 July 2012

The True Gunners' Debate

I belong to a Blackberry group of Nigerian Arsenal  fans. Some reside in the States, some in the UK but most of us live in different parts of Nigeria.

The debates in the group are usually very heated with pro and anti-Wenger, pro and Anti-Usmanov sentiments usually determining which side members take in whatever topic is up for discussion. No matter which side of the table the members seat, one thing you can't fault is their passion for Arsenal FC. 

I decided to publish the most current debate which started yesterday evening

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Fans Give Wenger Backing But Not So For Kroenke

The Arsenal Supporters Trust annual survey result has been released with Arsene Wenger having the massive support of 77% of AST members that participated in the polls.

The annual survey is an important tool used by AST to form important policy positions; this is subsequently forwarded to the management of Arsenal FC to reflect the views of its members.

Questionnaires were sent to 1067 AST members and 636 responses were received which represents 60% of the membership. The responses are believed to represent a diverse spread of Arsenal supporters including shareholders, red members, overseas supporters,

Monday 9 July 2012

Is Arsenal a Club in Crisis?

Every thing was going so well. I mean, we had signed Podolski -a proven forward from the German league and only just announced the acquisition of Olivier Giroud -the French League's top scorer from last season.

For the first time in years, Arsenal fans watched happily as the club went early into the transfer market and signed other than delinquents who are still wet behind the ears. We were making all the right noises in the transfer market too; there was still talk of our pursuit of Yanni M'villa and the French goal keeper Lloris, both first class internationals whose abilities can not be faulted. Not exactly marquee signings but we were looking like a club with true intent to contend next season not one who at the end of the season looks like they "also ran".

Thursday 28 June 2012

Keshi Vs Wenger

I find myself in a bit of dilemma this morning. It's the old club versus country dilemma that has either made or marred the best of us. Oh, I love my country with all my heart and will scream it from the top of the Udi hills if need be. But I also love Arsenal and have very often chanted "Arsenal for life!" or "Arsenal till I die!". But in all this I never for once believed both these loves of mine will line up against each other and make me choose. What colour of jersey will I be wearing when I arrive the Abuja stadium on August 5th

Thursday 21 June 2012

Wenger Didn't Say Van Persie Won't Go...

I'd be a fool if after these past few years, I have not learned to be wary of statements like "There's no reason why Van Persie, a top player, a champion would want a move to Serie A -in terms of prestige of the league, level of play or financial considerations", Mr. Wenger told La Repubblica, an Italian newspaper.

We all heard him say the same about Fabregas and Nasri just before they both switched allegiance elsewhere.

I could take him up on that "champion" bit because I don't remember RVP winning any championship(s) in the past seven years but I'll let that one pass.

I've learned to read between the lines and it seems to me that Wenger has not ruled out a move to Spain or maybe even within England if Manshitty keep up their pursuit of our captain.

"If he moves there, I'll buy you a caramello," Wenger told the Italian reporter to emphasize his point.

For those of you who do not speak Italian like me, caramello is an Italian ice cream not the latest edition of Ferrari.

I've heard some call him Baba Ijebu.

On the home front, I picked up the dailies this morning to see President Jonathan's defense of his trip to Brazil to attend the United Nation's Earth Summit in spite of the security situation in Kaduna and Yobe states where Boko Haram had bombed three churches simultaneously last Sunday. Nigerians were told by the Information Minister that "the President can govern from anywhere in the world..."

Where have I heard that one before? Yes, this was the same argument that was employed not too long ago by then President Yaradua's spokesmen as he lay seriously sick in Saudi Arabia.

66 people have been confirmed dead at the last count and "christian youth" are still carrying out reprisal attacks in both states and what under the circumstances will qualify as a  summer junket is more important to our president?

Person wey im house dey burn dey pursue rat?
Naija End Gooner