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Tuesday 21 August 2012

Everton Fans Hate Traitors Too

Everton 1 - United 0

It was a beautiful start to the season for last season's runners-up, Manchester United and their new boy, Robert Van Persie as they lost away at Everton last night.

Yeah! From the point of view of any Gunner it was a beautiful start. There was nothing more satisfying than seeing the little Robert (that's his name, isn't it?) Van Persie run around like a headless chicken without making any significant impact on the game in which he had come on as a second half substitute. Rumours have it, Wenger sold him off to United without providing them with the user manual. How callous of you, Mr. Wenger. That's so-so unethical.

Thursday 16 August 2012

Whatever Happens, RVP Is A Goner!

The Number 1 fan who went over to a bitter rival

The RVP saga is done and dusted now, isn't it? The shirt he threw into the crowd at Cologne last weekend was the last Arsenal shirt he'd ever wear and going by the stories making the rounds now, he was told before the game that he was going to be sold so he knew as he threw that shirt that it was bye bye Arsenal.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

A Case For Song To Be Kept| And Robin, You're Not Arsenal's No 1 Fan!

Despite Song's statement two days ago that though he's aware of the interest from Barcelona, he's happy at Arsenal and Wenger following up shortly with that crack about Spanish newspapers, the Song to Barcelona rumours are not going away. Word on the streets today is that the Barcelona representatives arrived London this morning to close the deal.

Thursday 9 August 2012

Not United Van Persie. You Can't Go There!

"RVP's going to Juventus."
"Who gives a rat's arse?"

"RVP's going to Manchester City"
"So bloody what?"

"RVP's going to Manchester United"

"Stick to Japanese football, you bloody novice"
Arsenal fans have been making their feelings known in no small measure since yesterday afternoon when rumours made the rounds in cyberspace that RVP had left the training camp in Germany to fly back to England to complete a switch to United.

Thursday 26 July 2012

The Wenger-Persie Conspiracy Theory

Is it possible that the club wanted to sell RVP from the beginning then slowly and methodically pushed him towards releasing that infamous statement? Could the club have reasoned that they need to recoup all the monies that have been spent over the years on Van Persie while he stayed out injured for most of his eight years in Arsenal knowing that the form he displayed last season may soon be disrupted by another long term injury?

So what better time to sell him than now when his ovation is at its loudest after all he is going on 29 years and sports science (read common sense) which Arsene Wenger has been known to favour its benefits have shown that the law of diminishing returns creeps up on most footballers at about this age.

My friend Obinna came at me with this conspiracy theory this morning and I tried to fault his reasoning but I had to admit he made a lot of us sense.
"Wenger always renewed RVPs contract even when he was injured but stalled this time because I believe he realised RVP is advancing in age, so any long term injury now could end his career! Do you want to have a £180k\week player in your books that's always injured?," Obinna said.

By calling Van Persie's bluff at the meetings between player/agent and club, the club may have reasoned that RVP will resort to something desperate like releasing that infamous statement which ultimately pitched the fans against RVP while ensuring that the club will not once again be accused of always being ready to sell off their best players.

While the statement released by RVP did not do the club's negotiating position any favours, it ensured that an auction for the player began in earnest.

"Now we look like reluctant sellers, and to do business with a reluctant seller, you need to do like Don Corleone said and make him an offer he can't refuse," Obinna reasoned. "Why else would we have bought two strikers in a hurry which goes against our usual transfer dealings and are in the market for a third one?"

"We need to make Wenger an offer he can't refuse"
 Can you fault this line of reasoning?

Thursday 19 July 2012

The Ferguson Yarn About RVP And Other Stories

Good morning, Gooners. It's Thursday already and this week has followed the same theme as last week's with mostly quotidian gist of training sessions, rumours of moves and bids (that more often than not are found to be untrue) as well as links to unknown players in far-flung regions.

Bendtner and Arshavin  have packed their Louis Vuitton suitcases to leave for the Far East with the rest of the squad on Saturday. All those big names Bendtner's agent boasted were courting him after the Euros have yet to go to the ATM and get the money to pay us for him. Arshavin looked like he was glad to be back from pictures of him in training sessions this week. No suitors for him?
Naija End Gooner