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Monday 18 June 2012

UEFA Catches Bendtner With Pants Down -Again!

Niklas Bendtner has been fined €100,000 by Uefa for getting caught with his pants down once again.

The over-confident Dane was caught in October 2010 by paparazzi as he stumbled out of a London night club with his pants hanging around his ties -on this occasion exhibiting a pair of black Armani underwear.

This time he displayed a set of boxer shorts bearing the name of the betting company "Paddy Power"

It is instructive that Uefa has deemed his offense more serious than than the Russian fans setting off flares and smoke bombs in the stadium during the group A match against Poland. This was in addition to displaying illicit banners and pitch invasion by the Russian supporters. For all this the Football Union of Russia was fined €30,000.

One thing can be said for the Great Dane though, in addition to his foolhardy  breaking of Uefa's laws on personal endorsements, he did his stock much good with two goals and one assist before exiting the Euros at the group stage with Denmark. Add that to the fact that he finished as Sunderland's top scorer last season.

Maybe he's finally done enough to get Barcelona's attention. You never know.

Naija End Gooner