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Wednesday 31 October 2012

Reading 5 - 7 Arsenal | After The Euphoria Comes The Inquest

Every now and then, every football fan will see one game that he will never forget; one that he will remember exactly where he watched fifty years later, who he watched it with and most of the details.

In 1989, the Nigerian Flying Eagles came from 4-0 down against the USSR in the quarter-finals of the Under 21 championships. With 25 minutes to go, the deficit was overturned and we went on to win the game on penalties. No Nigerian of my generation will forget the game that came to be known as the "Miracle in Damman"

Thursday 4 October 2012

Arsenal 3 -Olympiakos 1 | Winning Ugly | An Inquest Into Some Awful defending

Quite often we are accused of being more interested in playing pretty than grinding out a result when we really need to get a result. This time we dug in as the occasion demanded and ground out a result. No, it wasn't vintage Arsenal by any stretch of the imagination on the night but it's three points in the bag. Six points out of six. That is what the records will say and that is really all that matters. No one will remember the nail-biting ninety minutes that was endured to secure this win. No one will care that we didn't play well on the night. The only statistic that matters ultimately went in our favour. Arsenal 3 - Olympiakos 1.

Thursday 27 September 2012

Giroud Breaks His Stubborn Metal Duck | Wenger Tells Walcott To Be Patient

I missed my very first game of the new season last night on a night Giroud broke that stubborn metal duck of his while the team over-ran Coventry 6-1 in the 3rd round of the Capital One cup. I wasn't alone in missing the game as the game was not televised in my neck of the woods or anywhere else for that matter it seems and Gooners from all over the world could only follow via live commentaries on the net, gamecasts and twitter updates.

For a competition that has largely been considered as low priority, it's amazing how much demand there was in Goonerland for updates and the excitement was palpable as news filtered through on Twitter that Arsenal had gone a goal up in the 39th minute from no other than Olivier Giroud. While Gooners around the world were happy that we were one goal up, we were even happier that it had come from the handsome Frenchman. That one goal many have touted that he needs to unlock the flood-gate of goals in him has finally arrived. The opportunity came sooner he expected to add to his tally in the form of a penalty but it wasn't to be -his well hit penalty was saved by the Coventry keeper so we have to wait a while longer to see how much water is behind the flood-gates.

Saturday 15 September 2012

Preview Southampton | Giroud's Duck Breaking Day?

It's match day at last and am I glad it is? After a two week international break I have developed all the withdrawal symptoms of a junkie -anxiety, dilated pupils, agitation, goose bumps, sweating, yawning. Have to seriously start considering rehab.

Our opponents today is Southampton FC, the team that gave us Walcott and  The Ox. Southampton was relegated to the Championship in 2005 after playing in the top flight for 27 consecutive years. In 2009 they were again relegated to League 1. That seemed to be the spur they needed to knuckle down as they gained back-to-back promotion to find themselves back in the Premiership after spending one year in the third tier of English football guided by their new manager, Nigel Adkins.

Monday 3 September 2012

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Cazorla? | Defending With Heart and Mind

Liverpool 0 - Arsenal 2

When the euphoria of finally scoring a goal this season and ultimately winning against Liverpool wore off yesterday, came the chance to assess the feat of going three straight games without conceding nada. Match that against this time last season -we had lost 2 games and conceded 10 goals and went on in that vein for the rest of the season as we leaked goals like a basket with bullet holes.

Friday 31 August 2012

Transfer Window D-Day |

There is something terribly, terribly wrong with the way we handle business at Arsenal. It's deadline day today and we are scrambling around the floors of the market with the hope of picking up crumbs and bargains after letting two of our best players go -just like we did last summer. It's deadline day and we are still fooling around with Theo Walcott and his contract extension.

Monday 27 August 2012

Stoke City Gremlins Vs Arsenal FC | Where Will The Goals Come From?

Stoke 1 -Arsenal 1
Stoke City Gremlins lined up against Arsenal FC
Stone the ball into the eighteen yard box every chance you get
Kick the shit out of them.
Never, ever miss the leg if you miss the ball during a tackle.
Now go get them!

Sunday 19 August 2012

Came, Saw But Could Not Conquer

Arsenal 0- Sunderland 0.

Not the start to the season we dreamt of, was it? The 38 game race kicked off yesterday and by the time it was over there was that same old déjà vu feeling in the pit of our stomachs.

Saturday 18 August 2012

It's D-Day! Let's Go Win Something.

It's time. Let's do this, boys.
It was a flitting moment, wasn't it? That moment when Santi Cazorla was confirmed by the club and we all rose in cheer knowing that we had brought in more quality to add to Podolski and Giroud, the Sahin deal looked like it was almost done, there was still a glimmer of hope that our (ex)-captain will stay and of course there wasn't the slightest hint of a Song exit. We looked right there and then like a formidable team that was ready to challenge for honours with true intent.

Thursday 16 August 2012

Whatever Happens, RVP Is A Goner!

The Number 1 fan who went over to a bitter rival

The RVP saga is done and dusted now, isn't it? The shirt he threw into the crowd at Cologne last weekend was the last Arsenal shirt he'd ever wear and going by the stories making the rounds now, he was told before the game that he was going to be sold so he knew as he threw that shirt that it was bye bye Arsenal.

Monday 25 June 2012

Giroud Poses For Gay Magazine

Our new £12m signing Olivier Giroud may have made himself a target for opposition supporters before he has even kicked a ball for Arsenal by posing topless for French gay magazine Tetu.

The 25 year old will be in London later this week to put pen to paper on a five year contract after France's elimination from Euro 2012 by Spain.

"I am proud to become a Gunner," Giroud said to a reporter from The Sun as he confirmed rumours of his move to Arsenal for the first time.

Giroud can definitely expect some heckling on this score from the terraces every time he lines up in an Arsenal shirt in England as the football world has expressed zero tolerance for homosexuality.

Olivier will be joining Arsenal from Montpellier where he finished the season as league champion as well as the Golden Boot winner after Euro2012.

Giroud who was recently voted the country's sexiest footballer featured on the front cover of the latest edition of Tetu and reportedly said, "I have no taboos. I will be glad if my gesture will help change the mentality of some people involved in football. I don't see any difference between a straight person and a gay one. Tetu is a magazine like any other."

Hmmmm. He had better produce fast if he does not want the Arsenal supporters to get on his back as well. We can also be politically correct as long as he's banging in goals.

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