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Monday 5 November 2012

United 2 -1 Arsenal | Santos Didn't Do Anything Wrong| Wenger's Tactical Nous In Question

Saturday's visit to Old Trafford was an opportunity to bury the ghost of the hiding we took in the same fixture last season. But within three minutes of kick-off, no other than the Dutchman we've come to hate hit our net and there was that feeling that if weren't careful we could be on the end of another hiding. Truth be told, the final result was respectable and flatters our overall performance considering the penalty miss and the number of clear-cut chances that United missed on the day. We could so easily have been buried -again.

The greatest harm the club's self-financing policy and in effect that unsuccessful youth development  program the club embarked on after the move from Highbury to the Emirates is that it has denied the team of players who understand historical rivalries and what it means to wear the red and white colours of Arsenal FC. That is why Andre Santos would think nothing of exchanging jerseys with the most easily identifiable "enemy" mid-way into a "battle" -a battle we were losing.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

A Case For Song To Be Kept| And Robin, You're Not Arsenal's No 1 Fan!

Despite Song's statement two days ago that though he's aware of the interest from Barcelona, he's happy at Arsenal and Wenger following up shortly with that crack about Spanish newspapers, the Song to Barcelona rumours are not going away. Word on the streets today is that the Barcelona representatives arrived London this morning to close the deal.

Thursday 9 August 2012

Not United Van Persie. You Can't Go There!

"RVP's going to Juventus."
"Who gives a rat's arse?"

"RVP's going to Manchester City"
"So bloody what?"

"RVP's going to Manchester United"

"Stick to Japanese football, you bloody novice"
Arsenal fans have been making their feelings known in no small measure since yesterday afternoon when rumours made the rounds in cyberspace that RVP had left the training camp in Germany to fly back to England to complete a switch to United.
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