Tuesday 4 December 2012

Wenger: 'We have to find a solution'

Wenger: 'We have to find a solution'

Dear Arsenal supporter,

We were not creative or sharp on Saturday.

Swansea had a lot of possession so we tried to change things and took a lot of risks. In the end it turned against us and looking back maybe we should have been more cautious and at least secured a 0-0 draw.

Overall the quality of our game was not there. It was frustrating because we lacked decisiveness and creativity. It is true that Swansea deserved to win the game.

I knew Swansea were a good side and before the game I was concerned that we could be a bit jaded because we had many players who had played a lot of hard games recently. But we were guilty of losing the game at the moment when we should not have lost it.

It is a challenging time but we are in this job to turn things around, and I am confident we will because of the quality of the players and the spirit we have in the team. It is a good time to stick together.

Away from home we are quite consistent and our results are mainly positive. But at home we have not produced the performances since the beginning of the season that you would expect from us, and that is where we have to find a solution.

I am often asked about the January transfer window and the support from the board is there to spend the money if we find the players. But we have a lot of important games coming up. We'll decide on our targets in January but we have to find solutions before then.

At the moment there is uncertainty among the fans, they do not have complete confidence that we will win the games. But the results show that it is difficult for everybody at the moment - even those who invested a lot of money.

We have to keep the focus, the desire and the ambition, and turn it on. That's how it works during the season. You cannot always jump to definitive conclusions from one game.

Saturday's defeat affects the thinking for Olympiacos. There are many players who need a rest, because they are on the verge of getting injured. Some played with knocks against Swansea.

It's important that we do well in Greece but, away from home, I'm not too concerned. We look like we play a little bit with the handbrake on at home. It's not fluent. There might be a psychological component in there as well.

Finally, I would like to wish Peter Hill-Wood a speedy recovery after he was admitted to hospital on Friday. I hear he is recovering well and my thoughts, along with those of everyone at the Club, are with Peter and his family at this time.

Thanks for your support.

Arsène Wenger

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  1. so what did you make of our North London Derby today - march 3rd? What might be the solution proposed?


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