Tuesday 20 November 2012

Wenger's View: The best training for a game is to travel to Panama and back with your national team!

Wenger: 'We showed quality and movement'

Dear Arsenal supporter,

I hope you enjoyed Saturday's win over Tottenham - it was another entertaining game and it will help our confidence.

We were a bit nervous at the start of the derby and a mistake at the back gave Tottenham the first goal and then they had another good chance. But the sending off changed the game.

Emmanuel Adebayor had made a flying start to the game - he tends to play well against his former clubs - but it was a red card offence on Santi Cazorla. Of course there was no guarantee that we would win when he went off.

It is not always easy against 10 men - we have won games with 10 men before - but we had the quality and movement to play through their lines and create chances. There were some outstanding individual performances.

The two results we had against Schalke and Man United affected our confidence, and because we are a team that likes to go forward, your game suffers straight away when your confidence drops.

But this team has something special - they want to do well and they have quality. We have to find stability in our expression and we need some more time to work on that, but there's something special in the team.

Theo Walcott played well again and I haven't changed my mind on him. I always said I want to keep him and we will try to find an agreement. He doesn't play like somebody who wants to go and I don't behave like somebody who wants him to go, because he is playing games.

Olivier Giroud scored again and you can see that he has a presence in front of goal. He is a typical centre forward and that presence encourages his team-mates to cross the ball more.

Santi Cazorla was outstanding. It shows you the best training for a game is to travel to Panama and back with your national team!

Thanks for your support.

Arsène Wenger

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