Monday 26 November 2012

Wenger: 'We lacked a bit of sharpness against Villa'

Dear Arsenal supporter,

We expected a difficult game at Aston Villa because it's always tough when you play away after a Champions League game.

Villa fought very hard and they had some chances as well, but I thought we controlled them quite well. I think we had room to win the game but we lacked a little bit of accuracy in our final ball.

I cannot fault my team for the spirit they showed for 90 minutes but it's true that we lacked a little bit of sharpness in the final third.

We had many shots but not many on target and you could see that physically we were a bit jaded. That is because we had a difficult week with tense games against Tottenham and Montpellier.

It's not unusual to draw after a midweek game in Europe. It can happen - and not everyone will go to Villa Park and win.

Jack Wilshere has played three or four games in quick succession so I decided to give him a breather on Saturday.

It's a relief that he's had no setback since he came back. He had a little inflammation but I think the rest will help him to get rid of it.

Apart from that, he's done very well. He's not played for 17 months, people forget what that means - it's massive. I'm very happy with the way he progresses.

I took Olivier Giroud off towards the end of the game because he had given everything and was tired. Like Jack, he has played a number of games recently.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain started the match and he was dangerous in patches. He lacks a bit of physical fitness but he gave his all. He's learning his job, he's a very talented young boy and I believe he will be a great player.

Our next game is on Wednesday at Everton and we will have to be focused and determined to win there. I believe we can do it.

Thanks for your support.

Arsène Wenger


  1. I can write these letters now with my eyes closed after every loss or draw. "Jaded" is becoming overused

  2. you're clutching at straws old man. you time is up

  3. mind your language. thats someone's father. maybe even grandfather. he doesnt deserve that

  4. and your who. his asshole? you fuck off too

  5. You have to be the result of a failed abortion. only way you can be so bereft of home training

  6. You dont know what you're doing

  7. @Obed. you're a lone voice in the wilderness. Dont bother


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