Monday 17 September 2012

Wenger Is Excited About Our Team Play

Dear Arsenal supporter,

I was delighted with the high level of our performance on Saturday, especially in the first half.

We had a good combination of pace, speed in our passing, quick combinations, and the movement was excellent. We were a bit lucky as well because Southampton conceded two own goals, but overall I think it was another step forward from what we showed at Liverpool.

Gervinho scored twice and I thought he did well in a more central role. The decision to try him there was based on what I saw during our pre-season tour of Asia. I liked what Gervinho did against Manchester City so it was in the back of my mind.

It is an interesting role for him because he is such a great mover and he is so quick, so when he is central and gets ahead of the central defender it is difficult to catch him.

Santi Cazorla had another fine game - he is just a pleasure to watch. He typifies what Spain's midfielders are like today - he is technically perfect, he has great vision and a great team attitude.

Lukas Podolski is getting better and better as well. He has 101 caps for Germany so we know he is quality and when we play as we did on Saturday it makes it easier for him to adapt. He is physically strong and he is a fantastic finisher as he showed with the free-kick.

I gave Francis Coquelin a chance in midfield because, although Abou Diaby could have played, I didn't want to risk him. Francis showed his qualities and that's why I didn't go into the market again - because of him, because of Frimpong, Wilshere and Diaby.

We have a big week coming up now because we go on Tuesday to Montpellier and then on Sunday we play at Man City. We face Chelsea the weekend after so we will know more about the strength of our team after those games.

What I do know is that there is a positive energy in my team, a desire to play well together, and real team play. It is very exciting.

Thanks for your support.

Arsène Wenger


  1. A lot is unfolding as we enter into the crucial two weeks of our season. The good news of JW and Frimpong back to training should not be spoilt with news of dissatisfaction of Kos, there should be a way to create harmony among all, in order to take advantage of this level of quality we have...Everyone cannot play but everyone needs to carried along and given a sense of belonging....Theo and Kos needs to be back in starting 11 ..we need to establish our regular picture of any given game day...even though am loving this level of depth and resource available to! Feels so good

  2. Until Theo's contract situatio is sorted out I don't see why he should start ahead of Ox. We have to groom who we are sure is our play not the lad who may be playing for our competition next season.

    Kos can't afford to grumble now because he has to see that Verm and Per are doing a good job and no manager in his right mind changes a winning team if he can help it. Kos will just have to bide his time


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