Thursday 16 August 2012

Whatever Happens, RVP Is A Goner!

The Number 1 fan who went over to a bitter rival

The RVP saga is done and dusted now, isn't it? The shirt he threw into the crowd at Cologne last weekend was the last Arsenal shirt he'd ever wear and going by the stories making the rounds now, he was told before the game that he was going to be sold so he knew as he threw that shirt that it was bye bye Arsenal.

After the pain and anger of losing him to our bitter rivals wore off this morning and I was once more capable of rational reasoning, I realise now that keeping a 29 year old with an injury history worth in excess of ₤20m would have been a bad business decision. What really hurts is who we've lost him to. From all indications, the club would rather not have sold him to United but that was the only one of his suitors RVP will agree to be sold to. (Un)fortunately, the player has a say in where he ends up and he chose to cross over to United knowing what that means to the fans. So his parting shot at all y'all who idolized and sang his name week in-week out was a big "fuck you!". 

Yea! Eat that. It came from a man who once said he's Arsenal's number 1 fan. A man who famously said, "whatever happens I'll remain a Gunner". Sorry dude, you are a goner. You definitely are not allowed to bear the name Gunner any more.

"Now you is gon eat humble pie and go meet Adebayor -a man who kicked you in public when you was down and in agony. While you is at it, call Ashley Cole and Nasri too.You is gon need advice from them on how to deal with the hate and derision that will follow you"

Seriously though, truth is RVP openly criticized his employers and questioned the abilities of his team mates. That was enough reason to ship him out on the next train. Those who argue that Rooney was forgiven for the same at United, Rooney was not 29 years old and his torrid affairs didn't include one with horse placentas  and treatment tables, and definitely did not make out his boss is incompetent. On the contrary he sang Sir Alex's praises and went so far as to call him a genius, so the man was given good reason to protect him even if the club's hierarchy thought different.

Van Persie listened to bad advice and dealt with his concerns which may have been valid in a way that left the club no choice but to show him that he is not bigger than the club.

It's a new dawn, we've got Poldi, Giroud and Cazorla. Evidence that the club had time to think about RVP's exit and make an attempt to mitigate against the exit of our best player last season by a mile. It's clear now that the first two were brought in as replacements for Van Persie and has been confirmed by Wenger. Hopefully the saga of Alex Song which began shortly before Van Persie's ended will not end the same way.

Bottom line is the club has to do much better at keeping our best players. Losing one or two every close season is not going to ensure the stability required to compete at the top. We can not keep playing catch up. While our emotions are not expected to determine how the business of the club is run, our frustrations are being stretched thin.

It is a noble faith we keep in this club we love and cherish and hopefully our day in the sun will come -soon.

The future is bright, fellow Gunners. Do not despair.

Till tomorrow...

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  1. Ferrguson sold us possibly our worst defender ever in Silvestre and we sell him our best player and you justify that. You've got to be kidding me.

  2. thought you all said man utd was "broke and cannot afford to sign quality players".
    Oh, now that they've signed the best striker in the EPL, what do you have to say about it.

  3. One more Dein's player in line next that's our best player Alex Song that's it then the management will be free from the hateful grudge minded agent.

  4. good piece of business....bad choice of client

  5. And that's the bottomline, bro

  6. I'm still raw with emotion. It really is a bitter pill to swallow and if this was all his intention, then he succeeded. However, the story about Wenger saying he was no longer part of his plans is total bull-crap.You and I know that that's just PR for him.

  7. Wiill probably never know the truth about this unless AW one day decides to pen a biography

  8. As long as Wenger spends that 24m. Jovetic or lloriente will fit the bill. if Song wants out I'm fine
    with that too granted it was a decent amount that was reinvested as well

  9. Who is David Dein and who is Darren Dein ..this are important question that will help we fans understand the dealings of a major football club like ours. David Dein have helped build Arsenal FC ..but on the surface it looks like his son Darren Dein is pulling the club down..his agent to CesC, Nasir!, Clichy, Song, when you see will realize that all we end up seeing on the news have already been played out in the back room...RVP...have not won anything with us..if he stays we loose making money at the end of his contract and say we still didn't we sell for 24m..and move on..they now and have played out all the scenarios ..all the what ifs...and believe me they know much about football both on the field and off than most of us fan..the trophies will come believe me..sooner than's all about tweaking and moving chips till me get it right...when the invisibles were put together..most of them were not even established like podolski or Giroud..RVP was bought by Man U to effect their shares in American stock market...Ferguson. Had already closed the window..but Glazers..wanted to make that in let's than 24hrs all this back room will come to the front room..and that's were we will llike to remember that we are gunners..,for whomever wears that jersey is our hero..and everyother person a rival ..soo let the season begin...

  10. ManU is 540m in the red...signing best trophy less strike is just a way to boost their shares in the American stock exchange


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