Saturday 11 August 2012

This Week At Arsenal, Ferguson And Barca Stoked The Fire Of Hate

Look at them. They worshiped you. You can make them love you again...
The week started really well with the club's confirmation of what we had known for a number of days -the signing of Santi Cazorla. Before the cheers died down, Ferguson from over at United rekindled the flames of our hatred for United as he publicly acknowledged United's pursuit of Robin Van Persie, declaring that he does not know "why Arsenal is operating this way", having met the hopefully stiff resistance of the club to sell its best player to a historic enemy. And then the marauders in Spain started tapping up Alex Song.

Van Persie is set to feature in tomorrow's friendly against FC Cologne in Germany but will that be his last outing in the red and white colours of Arsenal FC? Despite talks of a stall in negotiations with United which seem to be his mostly likely destination, only the most optimistic Gunner will discount that possibility. All we can really do is wait, watch, talk and blog about it.

Juventus seem to be out of the running for his signature as it stands and City which was another likely destination seems to be in a bit of a quandary presently as their reckless approach to acquiring world class players and paying them indecent wages is coming right round to bite their oily bottoms.

City is the only Premier League club who are yet to sign a new player while they've been unable to sell the unwanted ones because no one else can match the wages they earn at City. Adebayor in true fashion has threatened to stay on at the club even if it means being relegated to the reserves rather than move to Spurs for a reduced salary and not be paid a substantial part of the transfer fee directly. Adebayoooooooor again!!!

Mancini is incensed enough about the lack of transfer activity to publicly ask for any aimed daggers to be directed at Brian Marwood although he has also admitted the unlikelihood of a move in their direction by Van Persie.

United's bid for Van Persie is rumoured to have been a ploy to raise the value of their recent share flotation on the New York stock exchange. If this is true, it sure tanked. United had valued the shares for the IPO at between $16-20 apiece but ended up selling for $14 each.
Arsenal had rejected a significantly higher bid from United than Juventus' because of the historic rivalry between both clubs. While this has frustrated Ferguson, United is believed to be preparing a fresh bid and unfortunate as it is, the club leaves the impression that they will not block a Van Persie move to United if United match the hopefully exorbitant price tag that has been specially designed for United .

While there are stories of his being impressed enough with the club's summer business, the worst case scenario is that he'll move away from the Emirates. Hopefully with Cazorla (in the role of playmaker), Giroud (occupying the center forward position), and Podolski (in the support striker position), as well as the old guard resolving to up their games a notch, we will look back on this summer's RVP saga and wonder what all the fuss was about.

The Alex Song to Barca rumour is one I hate to dignify by commenting on since he has thus far maintained a dignified silence and hasn't fed us any crap about Barca DNA or any such baloney but it might be that he needs to put out a statement committing his future to us. On the other hand who will blame him if he uses the interest from Barca to negotiate a more lucrative package at Arsenal. The one thing that's for certain is that if Song ends up moving to Barca, it will be because the club has decided to cash in at this time considering that he has three years to run on his contract.It will not be a popular decision but there won't be a fans' uprising either. Song is highly rated among  fans but not considered indispensable. Selling him now with Van Persie likely to go too will only continue to strengthen the club's reputation as a selling club.

While Barca players have adopted the same underhand tactics of talking up our players in the media as they did in the case of Fabregas, Fabregas himself has chosen to tow the honourable path when asked about Song by declaring,
"I'd rather not talk about possible trades, out of respect to Arsenal, a club that I love..."
This has earned him two credits in one week among the Arsenal faithful after it emerged that he had encouraged Cazorla to sign for Arsenal. These will go a long way in ensuring that he receives a welcome when he returns to visit or if he ever wants to don the red and white again.

There's yet no news on Walcott's contract talks which means it can go either way as well. Like Song, he is not considered indispensable but for the same reasons, he is not one of the players we'll like to see make his way out of the Emirates.

Squillacci is edging closer to completing a £1m move to Olympiakos where he will hope to revive his career after two disappointing years at Arsenal that saw him stagnating into oblivion. It will be a disappointing end for a player who forced a move from Sevilla when he refused to feature in a Champions League game for Sevilla in 2010 knowing that he will be cup tied if he played.
"If a French player receives an offer from Arsène Wenger, it's practically impossible to turn down, It was a sensational offer for me and I was happy Sevilla let me go. It was a difficult situation but I knew I had to take this chance. I knew if I played against Braga then I would not have been able to play for Arsenal in the Champions League."
He had seemed to be a bargain after his £5m move but subsequently failed to hold down a regular shirt after a string of high profile errors that suggested he could not handle the pace of the English Premier League. It will be bon voyage from all of us at Arsenal and the spotlight can then be turned on Bendtner and Park Chu-Young who the vet is yet to find suitable homes for.

What is certain is that the club doesn't see Park in its future as he has been told to find himself a new club while Bendtner's touted suitors have failed to prove his agent's boasts of interest from top European clubs true. But then there's still three whole weeks before the transfer window shuts and cities have been known to rise in less time

The team will line out tomorrow afternoon at the Rhein Energie Stadion by 4pm to face FC Cologne in the last of the pre-season friendlies. While much was not made of results of previous pre-season games in the Far East, this one will be different. A semblance of the true constitution of the team and its approach to next season's campaign is expected to be gleaned from the match with most of the likely starting 11 expected to feature. We'll get to see a preview of what Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud will bring to the fray and if Van Persie features too and gives an insight into what all of them together as a unit are capable of, we can sit down and talk about forgiving him and letting him back into the fold.

Just one week to go now before the new season begins and I am looking forward to shifting focus from transfer rumours and gossip to the real battles.  Are you?

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  1. Really getting tired of this RVP saga. cant be bothered now if he stays or goes

    1. I feel your pain, Henry. But I on the other hand is bothered about where he goes. Away from England is my vote

  2. I think we should send ferguson a million pictures of our fist with middle fingers raised

  3. lol@Jaded One. I just can imagine his face all purpley red after opening the envelope.

  4. I prefer RVP to be sent away from the premier league at any cost than allowing him to remain in England at any cost less than 30m.....those who want him shall bring cash to fund Cavani, Falcao, or Lloriente's transfer......


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