Tuesday 21 August 2012

Everton Fans Hate Traitors Too

Everton 1 - United 0

It was a beautiful start to the season for last season's runners-up, Manchester United and their new boy, Robert Van Persie as they lost away at Everton last night.

Yeah! From the point of view of any Gunner it was a beautiful start. There was nothing more satisfying than seeing the little Robert (that's his name, isn't it?) Van Persie run around like a headless chicken without making any significant impact on the game in which he had come on as a second half substitute. Rumours have it, Wenger sold him off to United without providing them with the user manual. How callous of you, Mr. Wenger. That's so-so unethical.

We know losing the first game of the season in no way translates to a crisis at United but we'll gloat over this one and enjoy doing it two times as much as we would have if Robert Van Persie did not play in that game wearing the ill-fitting United jersey.

Everton fans were obviously as upset about seeing the ship-jumper as we have been as they greeted him with a chorus of boos when he got off the bench to warm up before he came on. They know a bit about traitors; Rooney's career started off at Everton and famously raised his jersey after scoring in an FA Youth Cup final to reveal the message "Once a blue, always a blue". He now wears the red colours of United and Everton fans haven't forgiven him. They saved some of the boos they normally reserve for Rooney for Robert Van Persie.

It would be unfair of anyone to talk about last night's game without giving Fellaini honourable mention. The 6 feet 4" tall Fellaini was on a rampage last night and provided a perfect target for every ball lobbed over the United midfield and it was unfortunate none of his knock-downs was converted. De Gea pulled off  a string of saves before he was eventually beaten by none other than Fellaini directly off a corner kick.

Diaby is only two inches shorter than Fellaini but build-wise, there isn't much difference between the two. Fellaini in yesterday's game was everything I would like for Abou Diaby to become. Both have a sluggish approach to the game but Fellaini puts his to better use as he bullishly attacks high balls and shoves opponents off the ball easily when defending while protecting the ball effectively when he's on the ball.

On the transfer front, Sahin's loan move from Madrid seems to have run into a hitch as reports suggest that both clubs have been unable to reach an agreement on the "option to buy at end of loan period" part of the deal. Apparently Madrid are reluctant to sign-off on that part in case he finds exceptional form while he's with us and Wenger is unwilling to be used as a trainer to sort out a player who's surplus to requirements at Madrid.

Now this part makes me wonder how we willingly let players go to the likes of Bolton to get their groove on/back then come back to play for us; Jack Wilshere is an example and Afobe who netted a hat trick for Bolton last week is another. Makes me wonder if Madrid are right to insist that he returns at the end of the loan spell. But then I'm just a fan. What do I know about what goes on behind the scenes?

Talking about Wilshere, there are reports that he will be back as early as next month. He's resumed running according to the mirror and should return to full training in about four weeks. It's likely he will be eased back slowly to prevent a relapse so may be we should hold back on whooping for joy just yet. Wenger has made it clear he wouldn't be signing a like-for-like replacement for Song on account of Jack's expected comeback but he better than anyone else knows better than to rush him back into the fray after being away for so long.

Still on Song, his camp has come out to say Song was fully committed to Arsenal, loved the club and was dying to sign a new contract. They say Song was one of the lowest paid players at Arsenal despite being one of the top performers and was deserving of a review of terms which they had been asking the club to sit down and do for a while but the club has been hedging and finally gave then a September 1st date which they found insulting. Come on September 1st is only a couple of weeks away from when he made his move to Barcelona. Could that date not being favourable have anything to do with the fact that this date would be 24 hours after the close of this transfer window? Song clearly wouldn't have had the option of a move away from the club on the 1st of September.

My grouse with Song is that Wenger had put a lot of faith in him as he has been wont to do over the past few years. Song did not start off well at Arsenal and was even booed by his own fans in the beginning. Wenger saw what no one else saw at the time and stuck by him and turned him into the player that caught Barcelona's interest. Now he thinks he did it all by himself. And all for what? ₤15k/week more than he was earning at Arsenal for a place on the bench at Barcelona.

"Barcelona is a once-in-a-lifetime thing; you have to jump on that train when it comes," Song's camp declared. I know another Alex who thought so too and left Arsenal for the same destination. Wish you well though.

Will be back tomorrow but let's have your thoughts below in the comments section.

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  1. Thot Robin or is it Robert was supposed to come on and win the game for United. Didnt he? hahaha. Fucking Judas

  2. The countdown has started for Robin. We'll be counting games played without scoring instead of goals. lol

  3. He did make one telling pass to Kagawa but he didnt score so he doesnt have an assist just yet not to talk of a goal

  4. Song is sure an ungrateful bastard. Picked from obscurity and he's a star now, innit?

  5. Guys let those who want to go move on. time to concentrate on Arsenal. thats all that matters

  6. Sahin deal is now done. Sky sports announced it

  7. Are we still in for M'villa. Think we need a right full back now

  8. Rooney was a total misfit in yesterday's game. Hope he maintains this form

  9. Another season United wont be trying to go all the way unbeaten. #invincibles

  10. wow. Arsenal fans have more beef than any cow I've seen. Move on. RVP is gone, Song is gone. Vermaleen will be gone next summer. Live with it

  11. Fellaini was my man of the match. we should buy him. he's much better than Diaby


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