Wednesday 15 August 2012

A Case For Song To Be Kept| And Robin, You're Not Arsenal's No 1 Fan!

Despite Song's statement two days ago that though he's aware of the interest from Barcelona, he's happy at Arsenal and Wenger following up shortly with that crack about Spanish newspapers, the Song to Barcelona rumours are not going away. Word on the streets today is that the Barcelona representatives arrived London this morning to close the deal.

For those who continue to say Song is shite and not doing a good job of protecting the back four which is the primary role of a defensive midfielder, remember the bungling, clumsy and awkward young man from three/four seasons ago who was more likely to get a red card in every game he played than make a pass to be remembered?

The old bungling, clumsy, awkward Song -A red card waiting to be shown

What can not be denied is the remarkable improvement the young man has made in the past four years -so remarkable that the buccaneers of Catalonia have picked an interest in him. Let's face it, those marauders don't go to sea to plunder sea shells. It's the diamonds that catch their eyes.

Given the undeniable improvement he's made over the past couple of years, I think he can only get better. He'll be 25 in September which means he's getting to that age where footballers are described as being in their prime. Do we then get rid of the young man we've developed his abilities even when we don't have to seeing as he has three years to run on his contract?

The exit of Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy meant that we lost some of the foundation upon which any new players that come to Arsenal could be built on. Song is possibly the last of that foundation and understands the Arsenal system and psyche better than anyone else in the present squad. Look at the top teams in the EPL and you'll find within them players who have been integral to to their successes. They represent a cadre in the changing room that can tell first hand stories of a time past to new recruits. They are the ones who can make the neophytes understand what it means to don the colours of the club and step out to battle. We have lacked that for a while because we adopted a policy to bring down the average age of the team. Having done so we handed the captain's arm band to a 21 year old Fabregas who was still wet behind the ears and still needed marshaling himself. But I digress.
A lot of people feel Song needs to curb his attacking instincts and concentrate more on his defensive duties. I've often argued that Song not being a completely defensive minded DM is down to our being an attack-oriented team and his approach today has to be as instructed by Arsene Wenger. He's never struck me as a player who doesn't listen to the manager's instructions so if the manager decides that he needs to sit back a lot more then that will be his approach.

Those who argue for Song to be allowed to leave are making a case for M'villa to be brought in. He's seen as a more complete and rugged DM but isn't the grass always greener on the other side? While I don't doubt M'villa's abilities as a DM, he may take his time adjusting to a system he's not used to. I wouldn't give up the promising and established Song for an M'villa who just may tank and those who are clamouring for him now can then turn around to blame Wenger and his "useless" scouts. I'm just tired of the notion that anyone we can buy today is better than the ones we already have.

In all this, you'll notice I have not given thought to what Song wants. Some argue that he really wants to go which has been established if his Cameroun team mate Kameni's statement is anything to go by.

"We were together on vacation. He would like to go to Barcelona, any player would like to..."
Yeah, yeah. Barcelona happens to be footballers El dorado these days but that's why players are signed to contracts. Song's got three years to run on his contract so we own his arse. What he wants is not half as important as what we want. So unless management decides to think through their own arses as they've become notorious for doing at times like this, we do not have to sell Song.

On to the ubiquitous and unpleasant Robin Van Persie saga. It's looking more and more likely that his move to United is a done deal and only waiting to be announced to the world. Most consider it a stab in the back but honestly I'll lay the blame for this ignominy at the foot of management who better than anyone else should realise the meaning of such a shitty piece of business to the fans yet choose to go through with it. They are the ones who are stabbing the fans in the back by sanctioning this move.

A case can of course be made that RVP understands the implication of leaving us to go to United and yet has agreed to the move. The hatred of Arsenal faithful for Adebayor and Nasri will have nothing on what this move portends for RVP. The Number 10 on his back might as well be a big X setting him out as fair game for hate chants and maybe even the next pizza that might be meant for Alex Ferguson.

I loath to dwell on the RVP saga longer than necessary. He's going, he's going, so be it. There was Arsenal before him and there will be Arsenal long after he's gone. It's time to begin life without him. The grieving is over. Hopefully my next mention of him will be to report confirmation of his exit. I wish him a first season at United like Torres had and that's being generous.
And Robin if you're listening, know this now, A NUMBER ONE FAN WILL NEVER PLAY FOR UNITED!

Be back tomorrow.


  1. Hear Song's relationship with Wenger has soured in the past year. May be the reason the club will be willing to sell

  2. Dont believe everything you hear. the club is not selling Song. he's too important to any progress that can be made henceforth. the barcelona guy that has come in needs to be given a sound beating and sent back

  3. Dude, you killed it. This post is so on point. That was what I told Arseholic yesterday. I've been through all the emotions concerning RvP's move - Anger, Nausea, Contempt, Depression and then Indifference. Whatever happens, happens; that's where I am at now.

  4. "My heart is with Arsenal and I just can't picture myself in a different shirt. I just can't see it because I love this club so much." That was Van Persie when he renewed his present contract. Lied through his teeth

  5. leaving the club you say you "love" for their biggest rivals. Motherfucker


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