Thursday 19 July 2012

The Ferguson Yarn About RVP And Other Stories

Good morning, Gooners. It's Thursday already and this week has followed the same theme as last week's with mostly quotidian gist of training sessions, rumours of moves and bids (that more often than not are found to be untrue) as well as links to unknown players in far-flung regions.

Bendtner and Arshavin  have packed their Louis Vuitton suitcases to leave for the Far East with the rest of the squad on Saturday. All those big names Bendtner's agent boasted were courting him after the Euros have yet to go to the ATM and get the money to pay us for him. Arshavin looked like he was glad to be back from pictures of him in training sessions this week. No suitors for him?

Despite reports to the contrary, the bid for Caen's teenage "prodigy" (mind the parenthesis) was rejected with the club president stating that though Arsenal's bid will not be considered insulting, it did not match their asking price. Negotiations will continue.

Blackburn's Nzonzi has been linked with a move in our direction after he made it clear to his manager that he will not be stepping down into the lower league with the club. He has been left out of the traveling party to Austria for Blackburn's pre-season. Chelsea and Sunderland are also believed to be on his scent. That's one player I wouldn't mind having over at the Emirates.

We've also been linked with Real Madrid's unsettled Turkish international Nuri Sahin. *Yawn*

Walcott is yet to sign a contract extension and there were yet more rumours yesterday of the club rejecting a £20m bid from Chelsea.

Then Alex Ferguson told his "footballing friends that he believes Robin Van Persie will be moving to Old Trafford" and those footballing friends in turn informed some newspapers who went on to inform us that SAF   said RVP will be moving to the red half of Manchester instead of the blue half as was earlier believed..... *Yawn*

I've seen the spinning of better and more interesting yarns. I don't rule out the possibility of a move in that direction for RVP but the plot of that story contains too many improbable contrivances to be believable. Footballing Friends. What on earth is that? Agents plant stories like this all the time to elicit a response when negotiations are not moving fast enough and I'll bet my ass on this one that this one is an elbow nudge in City's midriff to get things going.

A move to United is one that most Arsenal fan's will hate to see because after all's said and done, United is the old enemy. Despite the shift in the balance at the top of the league these past few years, despite our North London tiffs with Spurs, our most meaningful rivalry is with United no matter how diluted it may have become in recent years. United is one club other than Spurs we loath to do business with and have not done any significant business with in years.

Silvestre was a free transfer for a player who was at the end of his career and wasn't a player Ferguson would have worried about losing to his old foe. RVP to United is our best player by a mile from last season moving to our rivals. That is significant business. My United pallies coveted him all of last season and now this. Tufiakwa! Let him go to City instead!

I'll leave you now hoping to have a little more than rumours to talk about tomorrow.

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