Thursday 12 July 2012

Seven Seasons And A Funeral?

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The club has revealed the new away kit. I've spent quite a bit of time looking at the picture above trying to ooh and aah about how fine our new jersey is and unfortunately I've come up quite short.

I couldn't shake off this feeling that I had seen this particular portrait before and just when I was beginning to think it must be my mind playing tricks it finally hit me -The Addams Family. This morbidly Gothic pose is straight out of The Addams Family.

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At first glance what grabs me is the colour of the kit. I know the colour purple is usually associated with royalty, mystery, wisdom and magic. All qualities that no doubt define who we are and what we aim to do as a club team but purple is also associated with funerals and death. I'm the type that will say 10 Hail Marys if a black cat crosses my path and I'm not even catholic. Maybe this will be the best time to start casting and binding any evil spirits of another trophyless season.

Is it me or has Jack grown a paunch in that picture above. His belly looks a mite too well rounded for my liking. Who am I to talk after all I have one hell of a one-pack myself but Jack is one player most of us want to see get back on the field of play like last season. And for goodness the fate of the British Empire English football has not been placed squarely on my shoulders.

Jack had always kept his fans updated daily on his rehabilitation progress but he closed his account recently which means no more updates and he may just appear tomorrow looking like Ronaldo Lima after debauchery kicked in.

The official website has a really lovely picture gallery of most of the first team displaying the new kit including new boys Podolski and Girourd and even contract rebel Walcott. There was one noticeable absentee, some Dutch fellow whose name I struggle to remember these days but I guess he's still lounging on the beaches of Ibiza or whatever exotic vacation spot he wrote us from last week.

Have to go across town now and the Third Mainland Bridge has been closed so you can imagine the traffic chaos on the roads of Lagos.

Thanks. Even I don't envy myself.

Catch you on the rebound.

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