Tuesday 3 July 2012

Lloris, M'villa And Other Transfer Noises

The transfer window continues to swing and thankfully we seem to be making all the right noises. The club is in pursuit of Lyon's French goal keeper Hugo Lloris who's first choice keeper for both club and country as well as the captain of his national team. He's described as "boasting lightening reflexes and having good decision making abilities". While this may sound good, I don't see from where I'm standing how he'll be satisfied with playing second fiddle to Szczesny with the CV he boasts. It will be the first time we'll be having two first grade keepers at the same time in our ranks in a long time. We certainly look like we have every intention of placing something new in our trophy locker this season.

Our pursuit of Yanni M'villa may have come to an end if newspaper reports are anything to go by. Arsene Wenger was watching from the stands as M'villa made a petulant exit after he was substituted in the Euro2012 quarter final match against Spain which France lost. The 22 year old refused to shake hands with his replacement, Olivier Giroud as he left the field and strode past Laurent Blanc -his manager- without acknowledging him. The French Football Federation were reported to be less than pleased with his attitude and are geared to suspend him from the national team. I'm not sure how this is our business and I think this should not be a deal breaker really.

From The Daily Mail , there's talk of Chelsea coming after Theo Walcott who has been hedging on holding contract extension talks; there's only a year left on his contract. This picking on us by richer competitors is really beginning to get on my nerves. I'm not sure what's causing Theo to stall but something tells me that if he continues to do so and the right asking price is met, Arsenal will let him go. He's not in the same position as RVP who for obvious reasons the club will do whatever they need to do (within reason, of course) to keep.

Both, the club chairman, Peter Hill-Wood and Arsene Wenger have come out to reiterate that Robin Van-Persie is not for sale despite Juventus getting ready to up their £8m bid that was rejected to £15m. The club will be holding crunch talks with RVP before the week runs out even though RVP has made it clear that he will not sign the £130k a week, three year contract that the club is offering.

Some think we should make him see out the remaining one year of his contract to make the point that we are not a "selling club". I'll probably get some flak for this from other Gooners but I say we sell if an offer for £15m comes in. Come on, the man is 29 years old and has a history of injury problems. I say we cash in and run and have a good laugh if he gets crocked again wherever he ends up. You think that's cutting my nose to spite my face but what if the reverse happens? What if we pay him all that money and he get's laid up long term, would we not wish we had sold him when the offer came? Besides, if we keep him against his will for the remaining one year of his contract, we can't expect to get the best out of him.
It's business. There's only so much we can do to keep him happy without causing disaffection in the squad as whole. All in all, I do hope he stays if only for the morale boost this will give the squad and of course he just may be able to help Podolski and Giroud adapt faster.

To matters other than football and Arsenal, I listened yesterday to the audio tape released by Channels Television of the Otedola/Lawan conversation where the $620k bribe was discussed by the two "gentlemen" in question. Lawan has come out today to say that his voice was doctored which implies that it wasn't him on the tape even though that was his voice. I think this is a desperate man's defense and should be better told to the birds. I must commend Channels for this piece of work as I was beginning to believe our media is incapable of this kind of journalism. The court of public opinion will judge this matter since the authorities whose responsibility it is, continue to pussy foot around the subject as they are wont to do until all the dirt is swept under the rugs.

We wait and watch...


  1. For once let's stick to our guns and let his contract run out. we cant be just about making profits. RVP is our king of the hill right now and we should keep him.

  2. he's holding us to ransom after all these years of standing by him when he was constantly injured. LET HIM GO AND SEE IF THEY WILL PAMPER HIM LIKE THAT ANYWHERE ELSE


    1. Lol. No one said M'villa slapped Blanc@Ejiro


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