Sunday 22 July 2012

Arsenal FC Is Bad For My Blood Pressure

I honestly can't wait for August 18th when the season starts and we have more football to talk about than who we are buying or selling and whether the Dutchman goes to United, City or Juventus. It's one hell of a job keeping up with all the rumours flying about.

I am just a fan who wants to watch the team he loves get out on the field and play beautiful football and win games. The politics of pro or anti-Usmanov, pro or anti-Kroenke, pro or anti-Wenger, pro or anti-Gazidis, support or against Dein's return and all the other debates that are currrently drawing a line between supporters is really beginning to get to me.

During the season, my blood pressure stays high as we go from game to game living on the edge. You'd think that during the closed season, after the battles have been fought and lost, one can lie back and recuperate while the blood pressure returns to normal. But no, the Dutchman will go and upset the cart and get everyone into a tizzy and the blood pressure starts to spike again as we deal with the issue of will he leave or not? Just like Fabregas, Clichy and Nasri before him, Kolo Toure and Adebayor before that, and Ashley Cole, and Flamini, and Henry and Viera, and Petit, and......

Do we have to deal with this in every summer transfer window? Can't we have a three month break along with the players, go off to Venice with our wives or girlfriends and ride in gondolas then get back in time for the new season with our bodies and blood pressures rested enough to deal with the attendant pressures of being an Arsenal fan in the club's eighth year without a trophy.

I really am tired and can't be bothered to discuss United's £12.5m, City's £10m or Juventus' £20m bids for the Dutchman. I don't want to talk about Ganso or M'villa or Niang or Lloris or Moses or Arshavin or Bendtner or Chamakh or whoever else we've been linked to buy or those we plan to sell. Not today. I am taking a break from all that. For the sake of my blood pressure.

The boys have left today for the pre-season tour of Asia with a 24-man squad that does not include the Dutchman, Koscielney, Giroud, Podolski and Mertesacker for reasons bordering on their fitness levels according to the club.

I'll follow their progress on tour closely as well as keep an ear open for developments on the transfer front despite the dangers to my blood pressure. I have no choice. I'm in too deep.

Good night.


  1. You can say that again, bro. My blood pressure is at about 110/90 during the season. my doctor has advised me to stop watching football but I suspect he's never loved before. How can I give up Arsenal?

  2. If Arsene Wenger refuses to do the needful and buy players I'll have to watch the team without my heart in it next season

  3. next season wont be any different if we dont spend some of the riches that makes us the 4th richest club in the world. We'll be lucky to be in the champions league place at the end of the season. mark my words


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