Thursday 28 June 2012

Keshi Vs Wenger

I find myself in a bit of dilemma this morning. It's the old club versus country dilemma that has either made or marred the best of us. Oh, I love my country with all my heart and will scream it from the top of the Udi hills if need be. But I also love Arsenal and have very often chanted "Arsenal for life!" or "Arsenal till I die!". But in all this I never for once believed both these loves of mine will line up against each other and make me choose. What colour of jersey will I be wearing when I arrive the Abuja stadium on August 5th
to watch the Super Eagles line up against the Gunners?

It's official people. The BBC reports that a strong Super Eagles sides will be taking on Arsenal Football Club in Abuja on August 5th, 2012.

A representative of DanJan sports who are the promoters of the game, David Omijie confirmed this to the BBC.

"We are delighted to announce that Arsenal Football Club will face the Super Eagles of Nigeria in Abuja," Omijie said, "The NFF have agreed that the country will present a strong side as Coach Steven Keshi continues his development process."

Whatever that means.

The trip to Nigeria will conclude Arsenal's pre-season tour after the visits to Malaysia and China and will pitch "Big Boss" Keshi against "Professor" Wenger.

Oh God! I suspect I'll go with both jerseys and wear one for each half. One thing is certain though, all roads lead to Abuja on August the 5th.


  1. Arsenal for life jo. I no send super chickens

  2. ASSSSEENA! Super Eagles go beat una join. Una know Aiyegbeni? E go do una strong thing

  3. Who be Aiyegbeni? the one wey miss open net from inside yard 6?

  4. I will support both teams


  6. What is the comparison for? My boy should come and whip Super eagles.


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