Wednesday 20 June 2012

Wetin Fifth Officials Dey Do Sef?

"Wetin Lawyers Dey Do Sef?"   
That ubiquitous bumper sticker that lawyers in Nigeria display proudly was what came to mind as I watched replays of that goal Ukraine scored against England that should have stood but didn't.

What on earth do these extra officials bring to the game of football? They certainly have not convinced anybody they add any value to officiating.

Look at that one! (circled above) How on earth was he standing there, staring straight down the goal line and did not see Terry hook that ball back into play? He may as well have rigged up a hammock, laid down, scratched his red balls and enjoyed watched the game with rest of us for all the help he gave the center referee.

They've certainly proved they are not an alternative solution to goal line technology.


  1. Tennyson the gunner20 June 2012 at 16:35

    My brother na true you talk. That 5th official for that game na total disgrace

  2. Hahahahahaha. Seriously, I don't understand why fifa won't bring in goal line technology

  3. The cost of implementation across the football world will be massive. That might be why fifa's not in a hurry to use it


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